Lost Families and Chicken Nuggets

St FIn Barres 5th & 6th Class County Cork, 12 October 2018

A chicken slides into view and in a gangster voice says, "Hey it's JBM, also known as Jimmy Buctas McNulty."

A flying squirrel slides into view and says, "Ni!' There were a load of cows and pigs around so it was hard to slide into view without crashing into one.

Jimmy says, "That's my secretary/best friend, Donna Buctas McNulty, who is also my cousin, my sista from another mista!"

Donna was putting on a pair of flying goggles, as Jimmy was preparing to mount.

Jimmy tightened the girth straps on Donna's saddle because they were preparing to take flight.

"Now, we have to do this quick before the farmer comes out.

We must find our family!" Donna agrees. "Ni!" she says. 

As they took off they saw the farmer picking up one of Jimmy's brotha from the same mother.

He saw him go into the kitchen but didn't see him go out...