Love Can Be Found Anywhere

Bennekerry National School Carlow, 3rd Class, 23 June 2011 
Once upon a time, there were two twin toilets, and their names were Bip and Bop.

They were toilet-napped by evil Dr Billy Bob Joe, who wanted to seek revenge against his arch enemy, their father, Durtle McGuinness, a sink.

Evil Dr Billy Bob Joe brought the twins to his lair. It was dark and dusty, and the walls looked as though they were made with toilet paper that had started to disintegrate.

“What are you doing with us?” asked Bip, scared.

Bop was stiff with fear. He was too scared to speak.

Dr Billy Bob Joe had an evil laugh. “I declare vengeance against your father because he beat me in the Battle of Doom to become the king of bathrooms.”

Dr Billy Bob Joe tied the twins up by their arms, back-to-back, with really strong toilet paper. The twins were too weak to break through the toilet paper because they were never supposed to have arms in the first place.

They used their twin telepathy to contact their father to come and save them. Bip said, “I hate it here. It’s horrible. It smells.”

And someone said, “Yeah, me too.”

Bip and Bop were astonished. They realised that there were two girl toilets, Lip and Stick, who were covered in glittery pink lipstick. They were also tied up with super-strong toilet paper. Bip and Bop’s eyes turned into love hearts. They heard their Italian accents and fell in love. And the girls said, “Your accent is fantastico!”

“How are we going to get out of this dump?” said Bip and Bop, at the same time.