Love at First Sight

Holy Child NS, Larkhill,6th class
Once upon a time there was mean, wicked woman named Madame Cranky.

She lived in her closet which was also her office. 

There were no mirrors there.

She had broken loads of mirrors before with her big nose.  

Her best friend Figgy the Dinosaur could not fit into her office.

Every morning she was woken up by a scary thing which was her friend Figgy’s giant foot.

One day she was going to the shop and she saw a fat dude eating a cheese burger.  

He was running for a bus.It was love at first sight. But she also thought, “weight watchers!” 

Madame Cranky ran after him. When she was running she fell over a stone and broke her nose.

He turned around, picked her up and said, “My name is Bob-Carl.”…