Love for Sinbad

St Joseph's NS, Ballymun 5th Class, 20th May 2009
Sinbad the tiger lived in Africa and all that he ever wanted was a girlfriend. One day at the watering hole Sinbad saw a girl tiger named Azora across the water. He decided to swim across the watering hole and share the deer that he caught earlier.

“Are you with anyone?” asked Sinbad, just in case she already had a boyfriend.

“Yes, I’m married to Jadu,” she answered.

Jadu was the leader of the tiger tribe.

“Where’s Jadu? So I can fight him for you,” Sinbad said.

All of the sudden there was a roar in a tree. It was Jadu. He walked up to Sinbad and said, “What are you doing talking to my wife?”

“I’ll talk to whoever I want to talk to. It’s a free jungle,” Sinbad said.

“Well, my dad was king of the jungle and now I am the king,” Jadu said.

“I’ll fight you for the throne,” Sinbad told Jadu.

The two started to fight when out of the jungle came a big Jeep of hunters. Before Jadu and Sinbad realized what had happened, the hunters had taken Azora.

Sinbad started to chase after the Jeep even though he had a great fear of hunters. Jadu ran away with his tail between his legs. He soon got caught in trap and broke his leg.

“Help, Sinbad! Help me!” Jadu cried.

“I’ll be back for you,” Sinbad replied, “but I have to save Azora first.”

Sinbad saw his old friend, Assassin the cheetah, and asked him if he could still run fast.

“Of course,” said Assassin. He was the bravest and fastest cheetah of all. So he ran ahead of the Jeep and stopped it for Sinbad.

Azora was in the back of the Jeep. She jumped out and ran to Sinbad.

“My hero,” she said. “Thanks for saving me.”

Sinbad asked Assassin to go back and help Jadu...