Lucy’s Birthday

Our Lady of Victories GNS 4th Class & DCU Intergenerational Project Writers, Bealtaine Festival, 5 May 2017

Lucy was at her grandparents’ house. It was her birthday, the 15th of May.

The weather was horrible, but she was feeling excited and happy.

Lucy had to wait until after her birthday tea to get her present.

Her grandmother had made sandwiches cut out to look like unicorns.

They had blackcurrant juice and orange squash.

Lucy’s grandfather Tom handed her a little blue box with a pink ribbon.

“Here’s your present. Happy birthday,” he said in a grumpy voice.

“Okay, thank you,” Lucy replied, feeling a bit confused.

What sort of a grumpy old person is this, she thought.

Lucy went over to Tom and gave him a big hug. Tom smiled for the first time that day.

Lucy realised when she opened the box that it was a bracelet with a pink unicorn.

“Oh, thanks,” said Lucy. 

But what I really wanted was a magic doll, she thought. She put on a smile.

“Do you like it? asked Tom.

“Kind of,” said Lucy...