The Maddest Maddest Fiend of All

​Scoil Cholmcille CBS, Blarney Street, County Cork 5th Class, 03 February 2017

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jordan the Mad Fiend who lived in the USA. 

He lived in a big house and his room was a basement. He had a really mean Grandfather. 

The only person he could talk to was Jerry the Oven, but he wishes he was a human. 

Secretly his Grandfather was Innocent Boy. (Innocent Boy sounds like a mouse on helium.)

Jordan could only tell Jerry the Oven things, because he had special powers. 

‘Jerry, I have something very important to tell you. I am Jordan the Mad Fiend!’

Jerry’s oven door drops to the floor.

‘And I have special powers. I have a metal arm, I have freeze breath and heat breath.’

Jerry started steaming with amazement. 

Jerry said ‘ Your father left this in my possession and told me to give it to you when you were ready…’