Maddy Cruelsome

Lucy, age 9 - Dublin

The Cruelsomes were moving to their new house.

“Do we have to move to a new house, Mummy?” asked Maddy.

“Darling we have to, it’s closer to your father’s new job,” said Maddy`s mother.

The Cruelsomes finally reached their new house - it was a very old, beautiful house. When they entered the house, it was terribly quiet.

“Go find your room” said Maddy’s father.

Off she went and as Maddy entered her bedroom, she saw a doll on her bed. It was a porcelain doll with black hair in pigtails and wearing a white dress. It had a beautiful face.

“Mummy, why is there a doll in my room?” said Maddy.

“It must have been left behind,” said Maddy’s mother.

After dinner, Maddy went to her room and as she went up the stairs, she noticed her brother Charlie was sitting on his bed.

When Maddy opened the door to her room, the doll suddenly jumped from the bed onto Maddy.

Red goo poured from the doll into Maddy’s mouth!

When it was morning, Maddy remembered nothing and noticed that the doll had disappeared.

“Maddy, are you all right, darling?” said Maddy’s mother.

There was silence in the room as they ate their breakfast – Maddy felt strange. At lunch, Maddy didn’t eat her food. That night, Maddy went to her room, her little brother Charlie went into her room and opened the door and what he saw was horrifying.

His sister Maddy was a doll and when he touched her, black tentacles shot out and shot Charlie in the chest. Their mother and father ran into the room and saw Charlie’s dead body on the floor! So, remember, if you see a strange doll in your room, throw it out or it will do the same to YOU.