Madness in the Dungeon

St Columba's National School, Iona Road, 3rd Class
Once upon a time there was a puppet called Mary Madness.

She had a friend called Mr Cupcake the Robot. They lived in a giant cupcake in Cupcake Land.

Mary’s greatest wish was to eat her best friend because he looked so delicious.

He had jelly beans for legs and his head was a cupcake with icing on top for a hat.

The evil puppeteers had Mary trapped away in a dungeon full of tomato juice.

She was very scared of tomato juice because it spilled out of a can and chased her. It made her all disgusting and red.

 Mr Cupcake tried to save her by unlocking the dungeon and drinking all the tomato juice.

Then the evil puppeteers came and Mr Cupcake shot at them with cupcakes.

The evil puppeteers started eating the cupcakes and inside was spicy tomato juice.