The Maggot Queen of England

Presentation Primary School Warrenmount, 3rd Class, 31st May 2012
It was a very scary, dark night. In fact it was Hallowe’en night.

People were dressed up like ghouls, witches, vampires, Frankenstein and Tutankhamun.

In the middle of the dark forest there was a tree known as the Zombie Tree. And around this tree were a pack of Zombie-Cheerleaders.  They had ripped, bloody clothes, skin peeling away. 

Their limbs were falling off and there were twigs in their hair.  One eyeball was falling up and one was falling down. They were carrying their friends’ arms and legs, their ears were running backwards, some were carrying their heads in their hands, and some had teeth cracked like twigs.

A pack of children dressed like the Queens of Ireland walked by and squealed, “Nice costumes!”

One of the Zombie-Cheerleaders, the twitching one, tried to bite one of the children, but an old woman gave her a swipe with her handbag.

The twitching zombie’s head fell off, but she just picked it back up.

Another one of the zombies, the smelly, maggot-eating one, saw the crowd of children and said, “Aw! That reminds me of the Queen of England, who never washes herself! She probably has maggots, headlice and all sorts of things in her hair!”

The beer-drinking zombie burped, “How are we going to get to England?” 
Then the smart one said, “We have a flying magic shoe that will take us there. But be careful! We must be watchful of the Holy Water!”


They all jumped in the magic shoe and the baby zombie said, “I want some blood cookies and brain brownies.”...