The Magic Dessie

St. Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th class, 16th September 2021

Stella the short girl who had red hair, blue eyes and had an extra finger on one hand. Her grandad was a really good horse rider and when he died she wanted to be as good as him. 

Falling off her flying horse, Dessie. 

Patricia the superstitious grandmother who didn’t think she should ride horses because of what happened to her grandfather. 

Stella really liked riding horses. She loved the way when she was going really fast she didn’t have to care about the world around her.

But in Stella’s life, she didn’t have many friends and was bullied in school due the extra finger she had on one hand. 

Her best friend was her nanny, Patricia, who was superstitious. One day after a really tough day at school, Stella got the bad news that her grandad had died.

That day her bully had been making really nasty comments so she got home to her grandmother’s and had some soup. 

“Kids are bullying me at school. I’m finding it really tough and I’m feeling depressed,” Stella cried.

Really mad, her grandmother screamed, “I’d show those kids what I know! They’re going to see what I can do face to fist!” 

After she had soup with her grandmother, she went out to ride her horse because she was sad and she needed fresh air. While she was riding her horse, the horse took off and started to fly...