The Magic Dresses

Scoil de Kilmore West, Dublin 5, 2nd Class, 5th March 2009
Saoirse and Aoife, two Princesses, are in the castle. They are not very happy.  They are trapped in the castle of the Green Mean Evil Queen.  It is night time and it is raining outside.  The Princesses think that they might never get out of the castle.

“We need to get out of here,”  says Saoirse.
“I know,” replies Aoife, “but how are we going to get out?”

The two Princesses go over to the window and look out.  They see a shooting star in the night sky.  They wish upon the star.

“We wish we had magical dresses to help us fly out of this castle and escape.”

They fall asleep and during the night they dream about the dresses and escaping from the castle.
When they wake up in the morning the dresses are there!  Their Fairy Godmother had seen their dreams and left the dresses there for them.  One of the dresses is pink and one of the dresses is blue.

The pink dress fits Saoirse perfectly and the blue dress is just right for Aoife.  The dresses match each of the princesses’ hair colours perfectly.

These dresses are very powerful.  They are full of magical powers. 

The Queen comes into the room.  “I am going to turn you pair mean and green like me.”

“No you’re no-ot,” reply the Princesses.

“Yes I am,” screams the Queen, “with my green powers and my magic wand.”

As she lifted her wand to cast a spell on the princesses, she found that their dresses were more powerful.  The power from the dresses turns the Queen nice! ...