The Magic Fencing Boy

St Fiachras Junior National School Beaumont 2nd Class 27th January 2011
Once upon a time there was a fencing boy called Mason. 

He lived with his best friend, a small dog called Best Friend. 

When Mason was small, his father had been a great fencer and that was Mason’s dream too.

Mason’s father had won all his matches and had lots of trophies. 

He gave Mason his winner sword. 

It was all Mason had to remember his father by, because his father had gone away on a mission for the king.

Mason didn’t tell anyone what his greatest fear was – a werewolf.

Mason practised fencing every day in the garden on the farm where he lived.  He practised every day, but he was never as good as his father.

“I miss my dad very much,” Mason said to Best Friend.

Mason went to bed one night and had a dream about winning all the matches.

The next day there was a big sword-fighting competition.  Mason went with Best Friend. 

Mason thought he would be fighting another creature but instead it was the werewolf!