The Magic Jewel

St Colmcille’s Junior National School, Knocklyon. 2nd Class, 16th February 2016

One morning Snowy the Unicorn woke up and went outside to play.

Just then there was a big earthquake. Snowy fell into a tunnel and when she reached the bottom she met her best friend Ricky the Rockstar Pig.

“What happened? Are you okay?” Snowy asked Ricky.

“I’m fine” replied Ricky “How did you get down here? I was just practicing my music with my band and the next minute you got down here!”
All of a sudden Snowy heard classical music coming from above, at the top of the hole.
Snowy ran off screaming because classical music was her greatest fear!

The only thing she knew to make herself happy was to find a rainbow and climb up and dance on it. This was her greatest dream.

Ricky the Rockstar shouted to his bandmate, Jimmy the Frog “Stop it!”. He was playing the violin.

Jimmy the frog stopped playing but there was still music coming from somewhere.

The friends looked up and they saw an evil guy holding a magic jewel on a staff from ancient Egypt.

He pointed the staff at Snowy and Ricky. “This jewel is magic and it will close the hole above us so you can’t get out, mwaaahhhhhh”

Snowy and Ricky looked at each other. “This is my revenge – your ancestors fired me for playing classical music” said the evil guy...