The Magic Rain

St Brigid's BNS, Killester. 1st Class, 18th May 2009
Big Fat Kissy Lips and his friend Minnie Man were playing on the beach on a beautiful sunny day.  They were wrestling with Elkis and tossing him into the water.  They dug a hole in the water and put Elkis inside.

They went into the city to buy clothes to throw on Elkis.  

Elkis is so small he can fit in a sweet jar. When they were walking, someone threw a stink bomb at them.  Then they ran into Big Fat Kissy Lip’s mom.

“Time to go home and eat your dinner.  Then you can go to football practice.”  She said.

“What if I grow pig ears at football practice?”

“Don’t worry.  You won’t grow pig ears.”

Big Fat Kissy Lips went to football practice.  Magic rain fell on him and made him grow pig ears.

His friend Bake came along and said, “Oh no! You grew pig ears! Oh my gosh!”  And then he fainted...