The Magic Shoes

St. Rose's National School, Tallaght, 4th & 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 04 November 2021

One day, Thompson the Green Shoes went to a shoe shop and couldn’t find a pair of shoes.

He saw a spare pair of green shoes, the only ones left. Little did he know, the shoes would never come off once they were put on.

Thompson discovered that the shoes were magical and would give him everything he wanted.

“Green shoes, let them work, green shoes, work,” Thompson said to the shoes.

“Okay,” they reply. 

“Green shoes, grant my wishes, can I get a Rolls Royce?”

Thompson went to the pet shop and decided to look for a pet.

“Can I have a lion, any lion?” Thompson asked the person who worked there.

The person who worked brought him to a big cage with the last lion left. It was gold. Thompson called it Miss Gold.

“Green shoes, please pay for Miss Gold.”

The Green shoes instead stole the lion. They made him do the opposite of what he asked. The Green Shoes ran away on an adventure with Miss Gold the Lion.

Suddenly, time itself broke in half and Thompson saw his lion again. The lion didn’t realise it was Thompson and began battling...