The Magic Toothbrush

Community After Schools Programme, Portland Square. 2nd July 2018

One dirty day, a toothbrush woke up to start doing good work, like going around, scrubbing the town with its brush.

The town was called Annie and her teeth were the houses.

All the houses were yellow. The night before, it was raining fizzy drinks (Annie loved fizzy drinks).

Scrubby was feeling sad and lonely and needed a best friend.

Just then Washy the Toothpaste came along. They got used to each other and became besties. Scrubby was always telling jokes.

He would say “What does one calculator say to the other calculator?

You can count on me, one, two, three.” They also had a motto: “Teamwork is always there when you need it for the right things”.

One day, Washy got kidnapped by the Tongue.

Scrubby tried to wash the town and find Washy at the same time.

He had a chewing gum gadget and he used it to see if they could find his friend.

It had a special thermometer that could locate toothpaste.

Scrubby found out the problem that Washy was too smooth and he could not stand any water or he would melt so the thermometer wouldn’t work.

Scrubby was scared to leave the town while the houses were still all dirty but he knew he had to find his friend…