The Magical Lamp

Our Lady of Victories Girls National School, Ballymun Road, Dublin 9, 4th Class, 13 June 2018

One day in a village, a lamp was delivered from Amazon into a house.

The lamp was put next to a window, where she could see amazing sights, like tall buildings and a pizza shop.

The lamp’s name was Mrs Lamp and her dream was to work in this pizza shop.

The owner in the house where she lived didn’t know that Mrs Lamp was magical and that she could talk.

The owner of the house was a cranky granny.

Mrs Lamp gazed out the window and saw another lamp at the pizza shop.

She thought to herself, “Hmmm, he looks handsome. Or should I say, lamp-some?”

Suddenly Mrs Lamp had an amazing idea. Underneath the window, there was a trampoline that caught her eye.

So she decided to jump and make her way to the pizza shop.

Mrs Lamp was feeling nervous and excited - there was a shiver of electricity going through her.

She made it safely to the ground floor and landed beside the cranky granny’s Lamp-orghini, but just then, it started to rain.

“Oh no! I’m going to break. I have got to get to the pizza shop as fast as I can.

I need to go at an electric speed,” she thought.

Mrs Lamp then realised she was being pulled backwards by the cranky granny.

Meanwhile at the pizza shop, Mr Lamp was looking at the crazy commotion across the way…