The Man Who Wanted a Girlfriend

One day he saw a beautiful girl in the park. She was
playing football on the grass with twins who looked about seven or eight, one boy and one girl.

‘How’ya,’ said Mr Crankey to the woman. ‘I like your hair.’

‘Pink  to make the boys wink,’ she said, giving him a real wink.  He noticed she had lovely blue eyes.

The twins were looking at Mr Crankey with interest. ‘I’m Mrs Slankey,’ the woman told Mr Crankey.

‘Don’t forget us,’ the boy playing football said. ‘I’m Troy and this is my sister, Gabriella.’

Troy kicked the ball and it hit Mr Crankey on the head.


Mr Crankey said ‘Ooooowwww, that hurt.

Oh, you little kids.’ And he ran home sucking his thumb.

Mrs Slankey ran after him, followed by Troy and Gabriella. The twins always followed their mum.

‘I’m sorry,’ Troy shouted after him. ‘I didn’t mean to hit you.’

Mr Crankey kept running down the road. .....