The Marshmallow Conundrum

​Belcarra National School, Castlebar, 6th Class, 20th October 2015

Mr. Peanuthead is riding a unicorn across Marshmallow Lake in Hawaii.  

Suddenly he sees Finbar III riding a giant block of cheese, pulled by Ernie the Mouse.  

The block of cheese transforms into a HUGE monstrous cheese bubble.  Finbar is trapped inside.  Luckily, Ernie the Mouse eats the bubble and frees poor Finbar.  

Finbar hears the noisy groan of Mr. Peanuthead in the distance.  Without warning, Mr. Peanuthead falls into the sticky Marshmallow Lake.  He tries to scramble out of the lake, but it is just too gooey and too difficult.  

“HELP HELP!!” screeches Mr. Peanuthead.  “Please help me, Finbar!”  

Finbar jumps in his fabulous green 152 John Deere tractor, racing to the rescue.  Quick-thinking Finbar grabs the rope from the back of the tractor, throws it into the lake, and saves Mr. Peanuthead.  

Ernie the Mouse floats down the lake on a marshmallow to where Mr. Peanuthead and Finbar are relaxing, and puts on a little breakdancing show.

A strange individual who goes by the name of Dr. Ploopy, picks Ernie the Mouse up and throws him in the lake.  Mr. Peanuthead and Finbar jump into the lake and rescue Ernie the Mouse.  

The laughing Dr. Ploopy gets into the John Deere and drives away, leaving Mr. Peanuthead, Ernie the Mouse, and Finbar III stranded in the lake…