Marshmallow Mania

St. Kevin’s National School Gorey, 6th class, 15th June 2012
Dave was walking down the road when he saw a marshmallow.

He ran to his house, ran up the stairs and cried on his bed.

Dave was a sixty-five year old man with brown dreadlocks. His best friend was Timmy the Talking Toilet.

He had met Timmy when he was five years old.  Timmy had helped him go potty.

Dave’s ambition was to win the world’s hippie/toilet badminton championships, but Timmy wouldn’t go in case he got flushed. 
The badminton championships were held every year in Toilet Land.  The prize was a hundred bottles of mayonnaise in a camper van.

Dave would be playing his guitar at the opening ceremony of the championships as well, if Timmy would go with him.
Dave said to Timmy, “Please go... or I will FLUSH you!”

“Even if I do go, I will probably still get flushed,” said Timmy.

“Well, you may as well come and win the championships then. If we do win, I’ll give you half the camper van, half the mayonnaise and a chicken sandwich,” replied Dave.

“Yes yes yes!” said Timmy excitedly, flapping his toilet lid.

Suddenly, Mickey the Marshmallow crashed his plane full of marshmallows through his window...