Mary’s Romantic Kiss in Tesco

St Columba’s GNS, Glasnevin, 3rd Class, 26 April 2012
Once upon a time, there was a woman called Mary, and she had 20 children.

Her best friend was the mad scientist called Flibbily Dobbedy-Doo.

Mary worked in Tesco. She got paid once a week, and she only got a tenner. She disliked her children because they made her house messy!

Flibbily helped Mary every day to clean her house and make the dinner. Mary would pay Flibbily the €10.00 she got from Tesco. This arrangement with Flibbily meant she had no money to baptise her children, so she named them 1 to 20.

Mary’s greatest wish was to have a new, rich boyfriend who would help her.

One day, while she was working in Tesco, a rich handsome man came up to pay for his cleaning supplies, which included Mr Muscle.

Mary tried to kiss him!

She leaned over the counter and batted her eyelashes at him, and then grabbed him by the shoulders.

The man said, “Ooooooooh la la!” It would appear he was French.

Mary kissed him excitedly for a long time and the Mr. Muscle in his basket exploded!