Mary Slays The Dragon

Scoil Mhuire Junior School, Blakestown, 2nd Class, 25th April 2012
Long long ago, far far away in the magical, wonderful, fairyful land of our imagination lived a magical fairy named Mary.

She had a best friend named Sarah the Flying Dog.  Mary and Sarah lived in the middle of the woods in a cottage in the trees. 

This was a dangerous forest.  There were crocodiles in the swamps, snakes on the floor, serpents in the river and tarantulas behind the rocks.  There were fairy-eating birds in the sky, vampire bats and aliens in the trees.  But the most dangerous of all the creatures was... the Dragon. 

Ferno the Fire Dragon had scales as black as coal, and teeth as big as buildings.  His tail was long and black and spiky like a lashing tip.

Ferno was camouflaged.  
Ferno lived in a castle made out of human skulls and sticks, and blood and eyes. He had scales lining the wall that were invincible to fire and all kinds of heat.  He had triplet dragons that were protecting the castle and the magic mirror. 

Mary the Fairy and Sarah the Flying Dog wanted to get the magic mirror to save all the good creatures and bring them to the good forest where their parents and grandparents lived.

But they needed a plan...