Mary Whitetights and Her Long Lost Love

5th Class St Laurence O'Toole's, Sheriff St. 24th April 2009
One day Jason Jampotjaws decided to go to Mary Whitetight’s house and ask her to go to the circus. It happened to be her last day in Sherriffer.

She said “definitely not” in shock. “Do you not know that I’m scared of clowns?". Jason Jampotjaws was very sad and ran home and cried in his pillow and ate a pot of jam, jammy dodgers and a jambon.

After Jason Jampotjaws ran home Mary Whitetights ran upstairs and cried because she rejected him and she really really liked him and only said no coz she was afraid of clowns.

She went up to Dunnes to buy herself a new pair of tights and could only see pots of jam everywhere. 

Suddenly ‘We’re Jammin’ came on the radio and she started to cry like as if she was at a funeral.

When she came back from town she started to pack her bags. On the aeroplane they gave her jam to stop her ears popping...