Maurice and the Bad Bomb Squad

Scoil San Treasa, 3rd Class, Mount Merrion, 20th January 2012
Once upon a time there was a flying pig called Maurice who lived in a mansion made out of cardboard boxes in Jamaica.

He also had a holiday home on a cloud above Brazil.

One day, Maurice was flying along when he saw below him Tony the assassin creeping across the roof of a skyscraper.

Tony was on a mission to assassinate a gruse, which is an odd green smurf (and who was rather notorious).

Maurice flew down to the roof to help fight the evil gruse.

In the chaos, he picked up a fallen gun and accidentally shot Tony. Tony fell over dead…

“Oh my goodness!” said Maurice, “I killed him!”

Suddenly, Tony stood back up and said to Maurice, “The name’s Tony. Tony the Assassin.”

Maurice fainted on the spot!