Max the Sad Dog

St Patrick's JNS Corduff, 2nd Class. 5th November 2009
Once upon a time, Max the talking dog went into the woods. He was looking for his owner. Instead he found a girl called Chelsea. 

“Do you want to be my friend?” he asked her. 

“Of course I will be your friend,” she said. “I have no one to play with and I’m sad.” 

They went from the woods into the park to play a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.  Then they played with a ball. 

So Miley shredded the ball and threw it in the bin. 

Max and Chelsea were sad. They were not happy with Miley and what she had done, throwing their ball in the bin.

They threw the ball and ran after it and there was Miley the horse. The ball had fallen on Miley’s head. She was angry so she took it away. 

Miley said “Why did you throw this ball at me?” 

Chelsea said, “I made a mistake. I was trying to pass it to Max.” 

Miley said, “if you want the ball back you have to follow me.” 

They said, “we’re not going to follow you.” 

They decided they did not want to be Miley’s friend.

They decided to set a trap, to teach her a lesson and to stop her being mean to people any more.

This was their trap . . .