Meatball Madness

​Howth Midsummer Literary Festival, 6 June 2015
One day Marc the Meatball was in New York with Polly the Popcorn. 

Marc the Meatball asked Polly the Popcorn if she wanted to go to a restaurant.

While they were eating their dinner, their clothes got stolen. Then they ran away from the restaurant because they were banned from it – a chef was chasing them with a spatula.

Suddenly Marc stopped because he saw a drain. Then he looked down the drain and he saw a fluffy unicorn with his clothes. He went down the drain and Polly stayed behind.

Marc went chasing Bob the Fluffy Unicorn around in circles for ten hours. Then he got stuck in a fluffy trap…

Polly the Popcorn had gotten sick of waiting for Marc so she went down the drain and rescued him from the trap, but all the fluff had ruined his meat.

Then he tried to get meatier because he had been trying for all his life.

Suddenly Marc climbed out of the drain and saw a shop with a sign saying “Dessert table is here”.

There was also a main table and a man came out of the shop and put Marc on the main table and Polly on the dessert table.

“Why did you take Polly away from me?” shouted Marc.

“Well, if you behave you can get her back”, said the waiter.

Then Marc and Polly ran away because they wanted to be with each other.

When he got home he had a bath to wash off all the fluff and he looked down the drain and saw Bob the Fluffy Unicorn.

Marc screamed “GO AWAY!!!”