The Mermaid with the Golden Starfish

Scoil Mhuires Iosaf Dorset Street, Dublin 7 2nd/3rd Class 17th January 2011
Deep under the ocean, a mermaid called Crystal was looking for a golden starfish.

She was looking because her mother told her to find one.

Her mother wanted the starfish because she was bad and had an evil plan to rule the world.

Crystal wanted to be a fashion designer and was looking for the starfish so she could use it in her fashion designs. While she was searching for the starfish, a crab came up behind her and bit her tail. Crystal looked behind her and bumped heads with a dolphin. “I’m sorry!!” said Crystal but the dolphin said, “That’s okay! Hi, my name is Delphi!”

Crystal said, “My name is Crystal. My wish is to be a fashion designer and I need a golden starfish for my designs. Will you help me look for it?”

“I didn’t know there was such  a thing as a golden starfish,” replied the dolphin, “but of course I’ll help you look for it!”

Crystal didn’t know that the crab was sent by her mother to steal her designs. 

To have her designs stolen was Crystal’s greatest fear.

The crab secretly followed Crystal and Delphi as they searched for the starfish.