Mermaid vs. Vegetable

Scoil Eoin Báiste Cailiní Naoidh, Clontarf, 1st Class, 17th May 2012
In a yellow galaxy very very nearby, there was a rainbow coloured sea called Reindeer.

A mermaid who just loved to disco dance with her multicoloured pig lived in this sea. Her name was Disco.

The multicoloured pig liked to eat coconuts, so they lived in a giant coconut shell which the pig had eaten.  Sometimes the pig tried to eat the house.

Disco and the multi-colored pig lived in fear of a gang of pirate vegetables who lived in a pirate shoe.

There was Carrot, with spiky mohawk power. Pink Broccoli, the captain, wore a hat which had two carrots in the shape of an ‘X’ and a pea-parrot on his shoulder. There was Parsnip with his eye-patch, Cabbage with a peg-leg, Tomato with the gold sword made of broccoli, and Celery with the bronze sword made of carrots.

The pirate gang kidnapped the multi-coloured pig so they could get all the coconut currency for themselves!

Meanwhile, the mermaid was gearing up for a showdown. Would she save the multi-coloured pig?