The Metal Dragon of Destiny

Catholic University School, Dublin 2, 3rd/4th Class, 6th June 2012
One misty day, the Devil Pig called Boris was alone on a dirty street, flying home from the Casino.

He was sad because he had lost so much money.  Twenty-five thousand Euros!  (A lot of money for the Devil Pig).

“I wish I hadn’t gone to the Casino,” he said.  “I am so angry with the Devil Dog  -  he cheated!”

Chapter 2:  REVENGE
Boris wanted Revenge!  He went to see his friend, Harry, the bottle of BBQ Sauce. “I’ve got a problem, can you help me with it?” 

They went inside.  Harry already knew the problem because he was a psychic bottle of BBQ sauce!

He used telekinesis to tell Boris that he had to go through the Tull Caverns, into a molten volcano, through the ocean floor and  across the lonely island to find the metal Dragon of Destiny in order to destroy Devilly. 

“I will come back victorious,” he said.  “But I need help.  Will you join me?” 

Harry and Boris set off....