Mexican Mishap

Mother of Divine Grace, 6th Class, 8th June 2009
Billy Bob Joe John Paul II was at home in his castle in the Finglas section of Kabul, having a cup of tea and watching wrestling with his dad. They were yelling at the television.

“I really wish that I could be a wrestler,” said Billy Bob Joe John Paul II.

“Don’t be silly,” said his Dad, “That’s very dangerous.”

Bill Bob Joe John Paul II’s  grandmother came in then, took out her teeth and took off her socks, put her feet on the coffee table and said, “Turn on The X Factor!”

After  a few minutes, a news flash came on the television, saying that the greatest Mexican wrestler, Man Guy Dude, had died from swine flu. Billy Bob Joe John Paul II started to cry.

Then his mother said, “There’s half price sale on oxtail soup down at the Soup Serve. I want you to go down and get two litres of it.”

Billy Bob Joe John Paul II went down to the shop. While he was there, a robber came into to steal all the soup and cash in the shop. Billy Bob Joe John Paul II tried to fight the robber, with the help of another witness there called Pedro. But they weren’t very good, so the robber got away with the soup.

“You’re very good at wrestling,” said Billy Bob Joe John Paul II. “What’s your name?”

“Pedro,” the other wrestler replied. “Let’s be a tag team!”