Mimi and her many Adventures

Camden Square Play Centre, Date: 23-10-2019

Mimi was walking in the forest until she saw a pig and then they became best friends. The pig was blue and was called piglet.

They went back to the farm and Mimi the cat got stuck in the window.  A metal piece of scaffolding fell on her head and knocked her out.  Piglet started running around oinking for help.

Suddenly, Buster the Dog came and piglet said, “Take my friend to Jake the Dog and Finn the human Doctors.”

Piglet was sad because Mimi got knocked out.

“My dream will never come true to marry the frog,” said Mimi in a scratchy voice.

A few hours later Mimi woke up staring at a white-coated dog and a white-coated human.

Mimi said, “Where am I?”

But then she stopped because Piglet was not there and she was confused.

“You will be fine in about a week,” said the Dogtor.

Mimi said, “I am hungry and thirsty.”

But she was also very, very scared…