The Miserable Life of Bob McConkey

Scoil Naofa, 6th Class. 4th June 2009
Bob McConkey was bullied as a child because he wanted to write books about unicorns.  As he grew up, he always hated children. They were his biggest fear. 

Bob always dreamed about writing a really good book.  He wanted to go to college to become a writer.  He had no social life because he was always studying so his Ma became his best friend.

“Ma, I’m getting bullied in school,” said Bob.

“Why are you getting bullied, Bob?” said his Ma.  “What are they doing to you?”

“I’m getting bullied because I want to be a writer and they flushed my head down the toilet,” Bob told her.

“You follow your dream Bob,” said his Ma, “Never mind those bullies.  I’ll have a word with your principal.”

Bob had been writing books all through primary and secondary school and he hid them in his locker.

One day, graffiti was found all over the row of lockers at school and the kids who did it blamed it on Bob. The teachers inspected the lockers.  When they came to Bob’s locker, they found his books.

When his English teacher called him over, he thought he was in trouble, but she just wanted to talk about the stories she found...