Misicka Squiggles the Amazing Evil Monkey and his Noble Friend Meow the Cowfish on their Quest to Defeat the Panda Suit-Wearing, Flip Flop-Wearing, Calvin Klein Modelling, Tap Dancing Little Girl... Pie.

Glasnevin Educate Together National School, 6th Class, 19th June 2009
Misicka Squiggles the Evil Monkey and Meow the Cowfish met one day in a dumpster when they both reached for the same apple core.

“It’s mine, smelly,” they both said at the same time. “Give it back!”

They decided to have a model-off to see who gets the apple core.

“Let the battle commence,” said Meow the Cowfish.

Misicka Squiggles wore Calvin Klein underwear for the model-off. He realised this was what he wanted to do with his life.

A little girl wearing a panda suit came along. She started to tap dance uncontrollably with flip flops on her head.

The little girl threw pears at Misicka Squiggles and then ate the panda suit. Misicka Squiggles screamed like a sissy when he saw the little girl in her Calvin Klein underwear. This is why he was so scared of little girls.

Misicka Squiggles and the Cowfish settled their differences and decided to team up. They decided that if Misicka wanted to be an underwear model they must first defeat the little girl.