The Mission to Destroy Dark Tomato and Mr. Blendo

Navan Educate Together N.S., 2nd/3rd Class, 22th June 2009
One morning, at their mansion in Fruitville, apple boy Agent A and his sister pear girl, Tutti Frutti, were working on the computer. Their boss, Mr. I Hate You, came up on the screen. He said, “I hate both of you!”

Then he told them, “Dark Tomato joined forces with Evil Mr. Blendo who wants to turn every single fruit in the world into one big smoothie for his company called Smoothilicious.” 

“What the heck is Dark Tomato doing?”  asked Tutti Frutti.

Mr. I Hate You replied, “They are thinking of a plan to destroy Fruitville.  You must go on a mission to stop him!”

They dived into the Fruitinator, their car that was golden with red flames.

Tutti Frutti said, “I think Dark Tomato looks suspiciously  like us.  Maybe he’s our father.”

Then their younger alien brother Screamy, the baby banana, screamed, “When is it lunch?”

Tutti Frutti and Agent A thought he was an alien because he was green, but he just hadn’t ripened yet.

“After we’ve dealt with the problem, we’ll have lunch,” he told his baby brother.

Screamy started screaming, “I want lunch now!!” 

Agent A said, “OK, you can have it now.”

Agent A went off to get a lunch of Compost Macs, compost doughnuts and Happy Meals.

While they were eating Compost Macs, Screamy said to Agent A, “Can I have a bite out of you?”

Agent A said, “ Noooooooo… you dipwit ninkumpoop.”

Screamy tried to unpeel himself but Agent A quickly passed him a compost doughnut.

Then a screen came up and showed Dark Tomato about to destroy Fruitville and turn all the fruits into smoothies.