Mission Yellow

Glasnevin Educate Together National School, 5th Class, 18th June 2009
Billy Bob, the lonely mutant banana on wheels, is on a Mexican fajita boat on its way to Europe.

El Nibblo, the Mexican hamster who wears a somberero made from nachos and filled with salsa, drives his yellow Lambourgini, up a ramp and lands on the boat. His car is the same yellow colour as Billy Bob’s peel.

The hamster gets out of the car, sees Billy Bob, and says, “The name is Nibblo, El Nibblo”.

Billy Bob replies, “Yeah, well…the name’s Bob. Billy Bob. Billy Bob Banana!”

El Nibblo goes to sit back down in his car, but accidently sits on Billy Bob banana.

Billy Bob yells in reply, “Get off, Get off! I’m too yellow to die!” He is terrified of being squashed and made into a smoothie.

“Chill, Señor BB. I am on a quest to save a Pink Lady apple and her gorgeous hamster friend! The Mad Mango and his melons are going to kill them!” Says El Nibblo.