Mitchell the Crazy Scientist

Sacred Heart Junior National School, Killinarden, 2nd Class, 28th February 2017 

Once upon a time there was a mad scientist named Mitchell. He was working in his lab, making a new potion. 

Mitchell’s greatest dream was to make paintings come to life. Mitchell’s biggest fear was big dogs. 

One day when he was young, a big dog had chased Mitchell up a mountain, Mount Struggle. In his lab, he was mixing hydronoxide and strugglemuggle.

This potion was to make his paintings come to life. 

Mitchell spilt one of his potions on his desk and suddenly there was an explosion.

All of the windows and mirrors in his secret lab shattered. 

Louise, Mitchell’s best friend, walked into the room and was shocked.

With her hand over her mouth she said, “OMG! What happened?

What were you doing? It does not matter. I will help you clean up.”

“After you help me clean up, can you get me the two components I need to make my potion?” asked Mitchell.

He gave her a list...