Molly Not to be Forgotten

St Mary's GNS, Fairview, 6th Class, 26th March 2009
Shauna is a six year old girl has just got a present of a new doll for her birthday.

She has taken her out of the box and is playing with her.

The doll’s name is Molly. She is very excited to have a new owner. She is happy that Shauna is playing with her.

“ Shauna! Dinner”. Shauna leaves the room.

Molly hears a teddy bear speaking to Barbie, “ Look at that new rag doll”. Barbie says, “ I’m much nicer than this new rag doll.”

Molly replies sadly, “ It’s nice to meet you too!”

An old porcelain doll says,” Don’t be mean” and says to Molly, “ Don’t mind them!” The porcelain doll introduces herself. Her name is Lucy.

Molly says, “Thanks for sticking up for me. My name is Molly, were they like that to you?” Lucy says, “Yes, but I started sticking up for myself.”

Shauna returns with another doll which she has gotten from her aunt at dinner time. Shauna was playing with the new doll which makes Molly feel scared that she will be forgotten.

While Shauna is playing with the new doll, Barbie who is also on the bed with her Barbie car drives into Molly and knocks her off the bed.

Molly says, “ Ouch!”

Shauna hears her and says, “You’re a talking doll!”

Molly says, “Will you play with me?”....