Monkey Madness

St. Joseph's CBS, Fairview, 5th/6th Class, 25th June 2009
One day in Bananabough John Paul’s best friend, Monkey the Hamster is kidnapped by a hobo.

The hobo sells Monkey to the nerd. The nerd teaches Monkey to write.

John Paul wants to get Monkey back, but the nerd is keeping Monkey hostage in the homework club in school. He’s keeping him in his pencil case.

When the nerd goes to get a pencil, Monkey bites him on the finger, karate kicks him in the mouth, and escapes into the library.

John Paul is out looking for Monkey, sticking lost signs on all the lamp posts.

While looking for Monkey, John Paul finds a hobo who is holding  a smashed hamster ball with the name Monkey written on it.

John Paul says ‘Where’s me hamster?’

‘I sold him to the nerd who lives in the school, St Bananas,’ says the Hobo.

John Paul runs towards the school. He can’t go in, ‘cause he’s allergic to homework, so he brings Monkey’s hamster cousins along to help him . . .