The Mother of All Straighteners

Culture Night.
Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a lemony lemony melon called Marvin in a house made of sticks and branches. 

A knock came on the door.  It was Harry the Hoover.  “H-h-housekeeping,” he stuttered. 

Marvin said slowly, in his British accent, “No thanks.  Maybe another time.” 

Harry was a bit lost.  He’d been left on the side of the road to be recycled.

“Oh, p-p-please help me,” said Harry.  “I don’t want to be redundant. My wires are all tangled up.”

Marvin said, “Come in for a cup of tea.  The butler will untangle your wires.” 

As they had their tea, Harry told Marvin about his asthma.  

They worked out that it was caused by curly hair, which was choking his insides and tangling his wires. 

The two new friends figured out that in order to achieve world domination, they had to rid the world of curly haired people.  And sheep...