Mr and Mrs Banana-Man

St Patrick’s Junior School, Corduff, 2nd Class, 14th November 2016

Once apon a time in a far, far away land, Banana the Banana-Man saw a Banana-Woman.

“My name is Nona,” said the Banana-Woman to the Banana-Man.

“Hi, I’m King Banana-Man,” said the Banana-Man.

Then they went on a perfect date in a restaurant. Suddenly, Mr. Hungry Human walked in with an angry, hungry smile and a hungry belly. 

He went up to Banana-Man and his girlfriend.

“I am going to eat you,” he said in a grumpy voice.

Because Nona was a banana, she didn’t slap Mr. Hungry Human very hard. Instead, Nona distracted the human so Banana-Man could get under the table to tie Mr. Hungry Human’s shoelaces together...