Mr. Bookie and his Foxy, Red-Lipped Pickle Adventure

St. Brigid’s GNS, Killester, 4th Class, 30th January 2012 
Once upon a book, in Barry’s Bookie store, there lived one Mr. Bookie, a burpin’ blue book.

Bookie had bubblegum for breakfast, bananas for brunch, and burritos for a bed-time snack.  And that was that, worrrrrrrd!

But, little did Mr. Bookie know, hidden in the bed-time burrito, was a Red-Lipped Pickle. 

She was the best, most beautiful, bombastic, brilliant, breath-taking, bossy, bombom lipstick wearing babe of a pickle this world had ever, even seen. (And that you had better believe, buddy.)

Mr. Bookie immediately fell in love with Ms. Pickle. 

He truly was a smitten kitten.

He wanted to charm Ms. Pickle, but his paper-bound throat was dry from nerves. So he drank a Berocca in a Bud to get that boost. 

“Damn! That one foxy momma, mm, mm, mmmmm,” he murmered to himself.

“H-h-h-hey babe, w-w-w-wanna boost with the best?”
Ms. Pickle, however, was not impressed. 

“Talk to the hand, cause face ain’t listening.  Better yet, talk to the bootie cause the hand’s off duty.”

Just then, the red book, Mr. Bookie’s enemy, and the meanest, toughest, most horrible, book in the bookies, came bouncing up with his crew of book-munching zombies. 

He said, “Gimmie all your stories and nobody gets hurt. 

And I wants me that fine pickle too. 

You best believe I aint foolin’ boi.”...