Mr. Kranky and His Fear of Dentists

Esker Educate Together National School, Lucan, 3rd class, 19/06/2012
Once upon a time there was a man called Kranky. He lived all alone, out in the fields in a big, old house.

One day, while Kranky was doing his smelly laundry, he heard a knock on the door.


He put down his laundry and went to open the door, but not before peeking through the curtains to make sure it wasn’t a scary girl.

Standing in the doorway was a person wearing a hood. Kranky thought it was a man and so opened the door and asked, “What do you want?” The person took down their hood and it was a GIRL!!!

Kranky got such a fright that he jumped out of the house and ran to see his best friend Mr. Angry.
When he got there he was shaking and out of breath

“I just saw a girl!”, he said as his eyes tumbled around in his head. Mr. Angry was not happy to be disturbed, “What did she look like?” he snapped.
“She looked horrible, just like my mom, with freckles all over her face!” howled Kranky.

Kranky was shouting so loudly that his front teeth fell out. Just then his mum walked in and asked, “What happened to your teeth? You’ll need to go to the dentist now”...
“NOOO! Not the dentist!” cried Kranky.