Mr McCaw and Polly the Plastic Bottle

Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna, 5th class, 22nd March 2021

One day Mr McCaw the Bird was flying through the sky when suddenly Polly the Plastic Bottle hit him in the face. Mr McCaw panicked and his wings scraped off a lamp post and stopped working. 

He fell into the drain and found a rusty jet pack and his greatest wish was to update it.

Polly went into the drain to help Mr McCaw up.

“Sorry, Mr McCaw,” Polly said. “Do you want to go for dinner in the sky?”

“No, I’m scared of heights,” said Mr McCaw, feeling hurt.

“What happened to your wings?” said Polly.

“They broke when you hit me,” said Mr McCaw, looking disappointed. 

When Polly was helping Mr McCaw to his feet, the Evil Eagle flew to where they were standing.

The Evil Eagle picked Polly up by her top and flew her to his evil lair. 

As the Eagle’s lair was on top of the mountain Mr McCaw didn’t know what to do to save Polly...