Mr. Toast and Mr. Egg and the Evil Human

St. Philip the Apostle JNS, 2nd class, 1st December 2021

Once upon a time Mr. Toast was very happy to meet Mr. Banana. On his way to meet Mr. Banana at the park, he met Mr. Egg. 

“Hello!” said Mr. Toast. 

“Hello! Do you want to be friends?” Mr. Egg said back.

“Okay, but who are you?!” shouted Mr. Toast. 

“I’m just an egg!” Mr. Egg shouted back.

Then a person saw Mr. Toast and Mr. Egg and wanted to eat them.

They ran away from the human but then crashed into each other.Mr. Toast and Mr. Egg started fighting because they were angry at each other. 

While fighting, they got really thirsty and needed a drink. Then Mr. Banana came to give them a drink from the bottle.

Then the person caught up with them...