Mr Underpants and Mr Pyjama Bottoms and the Attack of the Sewing Machine

Scoil Mhuire SNS, Blakestown, 3rd class,Illustrations
Once upon a time there was a packet of underpants in a shop.  Mr Underpants jumped out of the packet and went and bought sweets.

There was another packet in the shop that contained pyjamas.A boy went into the shop and bought some pyjama bottoms.

That night Mr Pyjama Bottoms and Mr Underpants met each other under the bed and became friends.

Mr Underpants saw a sewing machine and started to scream because the sewing machine nearly ate his hand off.

Mr Underpants then pressed a button on the sewing machine and reversed time.

He found himself back in his packet in the shop. Mr Underpants really wanted to reverse time and make sure the sewing machine was never alive.Mr Underpants went in search of the sewing machine leaving his friend behind.

Mr Underpants then went to a sewing machine factory to look for the sewing machine with the special button.

He realises that all the sewing machines have buttons and that it is going to be hard to find the right sewing machine…