Mrs Macaroni Becomes a Pizza Pop Star

Scoil Eoin Báisde Cailíní Naoidh, Clontarf, 1st Class, 22nd May 2012
There once was a pizza called Mrs Macaroni. She was made by a guy named Bob the Baker.

“I’m going to make you into a lovely pizza and sell you,” said Bob.

“No!” screamed Mrs Macaroni and she ran out the door.

When she ran out, she met a marshmallow called Mrs Marshmallow.  She had escaped from being burned on a stick on Christmas Eve.

“You’re vicious like me, so let’s be best friends,” said Mrs Macaroni.

“Okay,” said Mrs Marshmallow. “My greatest wish is to be a pop star! What’s yours?”

“Let’s be pop stars together!” said Mrs Macaroni. “We’ll be a team!”

They walked down the road and they heard their favourite music coming from a disco.

They decided to go in to the disco so they could start singing and try to become pop stars...