Mrs. McConkey Smells

Scoil Mobhi, Glasnevin. 1st Class. 2nd December 2009
Jacob Crackers, the penguin DJ, was at home on his iceberg. Some really mean penguins came and started chasing him – so he ran back into his igloo.

Jacob got a job in a club making new music for penguins. Then a space cruiser attacked – and a crocodile attacked at the same time!

He met a polar bear and he fell asleep and when he woke up he was lying next to a pig. The polar bear came back and told Jacob how to get back to his job.

Then he went skiing, but he fell and came last.

Then he went back to his job – but he got fired because he’d been away for so long!

Then Jacob went cart-surfing to make himself happy.

He got invaded by aliens in the Bermuuuuda Triiiiangle! So Jacob ran away back to his igloo.

Then Hairy the DJ, who was Jacob’s best friend, ran into the igloo. He was also being attacked by aliens! The aliens chased them into a pond and they fell into a shark’s mouth. Jacob and Hairy swam out of the shark’s mouth and nearly froze to death.

When they got out, Mrs McConkey attacked them too! She was trying to kill them. She put them into jail, but they smashed the window and came out.

Jacob and Hairy went to the river and saw the shark again.  The shark opened his mouth and said, “Grr!” Jacob and Hairy jumped on his head and made him sink to the bottom of the river.

Black-belted ninja penguins arrived and they beat up Mrs McConkey. Then Jacob got his job back as a DJ because he’d got rid of the shark.

Then Mrs McConkey came back to beat up the black-belted ninjas. Mrs McConkey turned into a cat with a fish tail.

Jacob was really good at singing and practised every day and got into the Rockstar game.