Mrs. McConkey's First Date

Our Lady Immaculate Senior National School, Darndale - 3rd Class, 30 November 2009
Mrs Mc Conkey was remembering when she was  in school and she met a nerd in the hall. The  nerd said nothing. It was in the old days, in the 60’s.

“Hey nerd, whatcha doin?” she asked. “Give me your lunch money!”

Then she looked into his eyes and the choir started singing Elton John’s song “Nikita.”

Mrs McConkey said that he could have his money back because she fancied him. This was the future Mr McConkey!

They sneaked into the school staff room to find some doughnuts. They decided to come back later for the doughnuts.

The school day ended and Mrs McConkey and the future Mr McConkey went back to where they lived.

That night, they were going on a date. Mrs McConkey was getting ready for the date. She looked in the mirror and saw she had a bunch of pimples and then the mirror smashed!

She screamed, “AH AH AH AH AH!.. I’m UGLY!!”

She then left for the school, where she was meeting Mr McConkey.

When she met Mr McConkey, he said “ My, you have gotten uglier as the day has gone by.”

Then they went to Joey’s Chipper because it sold doughnuts.

They were playing a game of  cops and robbers at Joey’s Chiper. Mr McConkey forced open the door and yelled, “Put your hands up!”

Everybody ran out except for Mr and Mrs McConkey.