My Other Half

St Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 8 March 2017 

Down by the river lived Fin the Flip Flop and his roommate Clayton the Crocodile. 

Life was fine until their house was destroyed by a wave.

Now they spent their days living in a tree house. 

Until Fin and Clayton went on the biggest quest of their lives -  to find Fin’s other half.

Fin had been seperated from his other half at birth, but has always assumed that there must be a left flip flop. 

“Yo, Clayton bro, I have always wanted to find my other half. Do you want to help?” asked Fin.

Clayton said, “Sure dude, I have travelled all around America playing football.

My friend, Fred the fridge, knows a shoe maker in America.” 

“Great, but before we go will you scratch my back?” Fin requested. 

Clayton scratched his back and then said, “Oh Fin, I got that chewing gum off your back.

There is a label here with the factory address on it. I never knew you were made in America!” 

“So that must be where my other half is!” Fin exclaimed.

“Okay, we will go.

But there are loads of feet in America and a lot of people who like flip flops,” Clayton said.

“Well, they will hardly want one, they will want a pair.

So let’s go and find my other half,” Fin said confidently...