The Mysterious Pig And The Bad, Bad Butcher

St Thomas JNS, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 12th March 2019

Larry, the mysterious pig lived in Pork Chop Land. Most of his friends got cooked and made into pork chops. He was scared that he was going to get cooked.

He really wanted to see his friends again. One day, he was walking in town when he saw the butchers.

Suddenly, he saw his best friend, Piggy.

They were talking about their greatest fears.

The Butcher came out and said “Do you want to get cooked?” Larry and Piggy were afraid.

They ran down the road, and went to a cookery shop.

They stole some food and ran back to Pork Chop Land.

But what they didn’t know was that the Butcher took over the town.

Larry shouted “Let’s have war!” They ran into the Butcher and Piggy shouted “Oh my bacon!”

“You better run, here comes my dog and he’ll eat your ears!” Yelled the Butcher.

The dog circled them, nipping at their ears.

Finally, the dog caught Larry.

Larry fought back, and kicked out one of the dog’s teeth.

Piggy yelled “Here comes an army of kids from Jobstown School.” Larry added “And look! They brought Piggy Launchers!”

Little did they know, as Larry and Piggy were talking, the Butcher took all of the pigs from their homes, and brought them to the Butchers…